We believe there is a large underdeveloped food and beverage market in Eurasia. Global brands are under-penetrated locally and local flavors are under-appreciated globally. We help bring these two disconnections together to improve the lives and choices of consumers in Eurasian markets.


A fast growing investment platform expanding into new geographies and categories, structured as an evergreen private equity model. Today Revery Food & Beverages own and operate the PepsiCo franchises in Uzbekistan (via a joint venture), Georgia and Armenia. Through Premier Foods, we are the official distributor of iconic food and drinks brands in Armenia.

Premier Foods, Nestle, Carlsberg, and Makfa
Pepsi, official franchisee and bottler for Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia.

Inalca Eurasia is a joint venture with the Cremonini Group in Russia and Eurasia focused on foodservice distribution, meat production, meat processing and feedlots.

Inalca Eurasia is the market leader in Russia for foodservice distribution, covering all the major cities and serving more than 4,500 hotels, quick service chains, restaurants and cafes. Inalca Eurasia is a fully integrated business with meat processing capabilities in Moscow and meat production facility in Orenburg, working closely with local farmers to produce the best quality local beef.

Cremonini Group employs more than 16,000 people globally and generates over $4.5 billion revenues a year.

Food & Beverages

Meat Production, Processing & Foodservice Distribution